20 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy -Every New Mom Should Know

20 Tips For Healthy Pregnancy -Every New Mom Should Know
What is a Healthy Pregnancy?

The health of a mother-to-be and the health of her pregnancy go hand-in-hand. A healthy pregnancy includes many aspects, in addition to healthy growth and development of the foetus, such as a healthy weight, a balanced diet, nutritious food, regular exercise, adequate sleep, as well as emotional well-being. Keeping a normal blood pressure, blood sugar level, and staying away from drugs, alcohol, and smoking are also essential.

How Should You Take Care of Your Health During Pregnancy?

A healthy pregnancy is more likely if you take good care of yourself. Healthy lifestyles not only contribute to a smooth pregnancy, but also to overall health. The first trimester is an important time for you as you begin your pregnancy journey.

Stay Healthy During Pregnancy –

There are some basic pregnancy advice tips that you probably already know: don’t smoke or be around secondhand smoke, don’t drink, and get plenty of sleep. Here are some more tips on ensuring a safe and healthy prenatal development, from taking vitamins to what to do with kitty litter.

Make Sure You Take a Prenatal Vitamin –

Taking prenatal vitamins even while you’re trying to conceive is wise. In the first month of pregnancy, your baby’s neural cord, which eventually becomes its brain and spinal cord, develops. That’s why it’s important to consume essential nutrients – like folic acid, calcium, and iron – from the beginning.

You can buy prenatal vitamins over the counter at most drug stores or with a prescription from your doctor. Take them at night or with a snack if you feel queasy when taking them. Afterward, sucking on hard candy or chewing gum can also help relieve nausea.

Make Sure You are Taking The Right Medications –

Make sure you talk to your doctor or midwife before taking over-the-counter medications, supplements, or “natural” remedies. Even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen should be avoided – studies suggest they could cause miscarriage and damage to the fetal blood vessels.

See Your Dentist –

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can weaken your gums. To avoid gum diseases, you should visit your dentist regularly and take precautions. When oestrogen and progesterone levels rise, bleeding and tender gums may occur. Pregnant women must take extra care to keep their mouths healthy.

Maintain a Regular Exercise –

Being active is important for your overall health, reducing stress, controlling your weight, improving circulation, boosting your mood, and improving your sleep. Take an exercise class or walk for 15-20 minutes every day at a moderate pace in cool, shaded areas or indoors to prevent overheating.

Pregnant women can also benefit from exercising using Pilates, yoga, swimming, or walking, but be sure to check with your doctor first. Pregnant women  should exercise for at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Don’t overdo it, however, and listen to your body.

Track Your Weight Gain –

You’re eating for two, we know it. Yet if you gain too many pounds, you may have a hard time losing them later. Furthermore, not gaining enough weight can put the baby at risk for low birth weight, one of the major causes of developmental problems. New weight gain guidelines for pregnant women were issued recently by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). According to the IOM, a woman’s body mass index (BMI) before becoming pregnant with one baby should be:

Underweight Reduce 28-40 pounds
Normal weight Reduce  25-35 pounds
Overweight Reduce  15-25pounds
Obese Reduce  11-20 pounds

See your doctor regularly to make sure you’re gaining at a healthy pace.

Practice Kegels –

The Kegel exercise strengthens the muscles that support the bladder, bowels, and uterus. When done correctly, this simple exercise can make your delivery easier and prevent incontinence problems later on. You can practice kegels while driving, sitting at your desk, or even waiting in line at the grocery store without anyone noticing. Make sure you do them correctly by following these steps:

  • Practice squeezing as though you’re stopping the flow of urine when you use the bathroom.
  • Hold for three seconds, then relax for thre
  • Repeat 10 times
Management of Stress –

Hormonal changes and lifestyle changes related to pregnancy may be stressful. Pregnancy is a roller-coaster ride that can overwhelm you. Thats why, You need to manage your stress while pregnant. Changing your reaction to work and home situations can help you manage stress. By practicing meditation, yoga, talking to friends, and participating in craft activities, you can be stress-free.

Make Sure You Drink Enough Water –

The placenta delivers oxygen and nutrition to your baby and carries waste and carbon dioxide away – which means your blood volume will increase by 50 percent to handle all this extra activity. Drinking more water is the best way to sustain that increase in blood volume. Other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms can also be prevented by drinking water, including constipation, hemorrhoids, UTIs, headaches, swelling, fatigue. Try drinking eight to ten glasses per day, and flavor it with lime or fruit juice if you don’t like it.

Always Keep Yourself Clean –

You can prevent infections like Group B streptococcus, Fifth disease, cytomegalovirus, and chickenpox by frequently washing your hands, all of which can cause serious birth defects and complications. You can use hand sanitizers that are based on ethanol alcohol when you don’t have access to a sink. They will keep you from getting most of those contagious diseases.

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Use Sunscreen –

When you are pregnant, your skin is more susceptible to sunburn and chloasma (dark, blotchy spots on the face), so it’s important to use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and avoid tanning beds.

Stay Away From Hot Tubs –

When your muscles are feeling strained anyway, hot tubs may seem relaxing. But the heat will not be as appreciated by your unborn child. Hot tubs can raise your temperature to a point that can be dangerous for a baby if you’re in them for a long period of time.

Eat More Fruits and Reduce Caffeine Consume

Fruits provide more energy than caffeine. According to research, caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage. Iron stores are low in pregnant women, and caffeine inhibits the absorption of iron. So, Caffeine should be avoided during pregnancy.

Stop Smoking and Avoid Toxins –

You should avoid tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, and even solvents like paint thinner and nail polish remover while pregnant because of their links to birth defects, miscarriage, and other problems. Smoking, for example, decreases oxygen flow to your baby, which increases the risk of preterm birth. Pregnant women can get advice and support from their doctors, as well as receive referrals to programs that help them quit.

Wear the Right Clothing –

Make sure that your clothes are comfortable. Due to the rapid changes in your weight and shape, fitting yourself into tight clothing can restrict your breathing and cause suffocation.

You Can Write a Birth Plan –

It will be very helpful if you write a birth plan.  You should write your wishes down and give them to the people involved in the delivery. Several things need to be considered when you’re writing your birth plan, according to the American Pregnancy Association:

  • The people you want to attend, including kids or siblings.
  •  The procedures you want to stay away from.
  • The positions you want to be in during labor and delivery.
  • What you want to wear when you’re in labor and delivery.
  • Music or anything special you want to focus on
  • Which types of pain medications you want
  • If complications arise, what you should do
Educate Yourself About Healthy Pregnancy.

You will feel more prepared for delivery if you attend a childbirth class, even if this is not your first child. This class is not only a time to learn about infant care and childbirth, but also a chance to ask specific questions. Additionally, you will gain a better understanding of the facility and staff.

Take this time to learn more about your family’s medical history. Consult your doctor if you have had problems with past pregnancies, and report any family history of birth defects.

Plan The Tight Time to Become Pregnant –

A healthy pregnancy and delivery are more likely if you decide to get pregnant when you’re at your healthiest.

It does not mean that women should become pregnant only if they are healthy, but they also need to consider their age before getting pregnant. Premature birth is more likely to occur in mothers who have children early in life (before 16 years of age), or later in life (after 40 years of age). Women who become pregnant too soon (within 18 months of a previous pregnancy) are also more likely to have a premature baby.

Know When to Call the Doctor –

First-time pregnant women may find pregnancy confusing. They may wonder which signs are normal and which are not? When you experience any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor immediately.

  • Any type of pain
  • Reduced activity by the baby
  • Excessive cramping
  • Having trouble breathing.
  • Having an irregular heartbeat.
  • Rapid contractions on a 20-minute basis
  • Blood leaking from the vaginal area
  • Feeling dizzy or faint.
  • Constantly feeling nauseated.
  • Inability to walk, edema
Don’t Go Too Far From Home During Your Last Trimester –

Most pregnancy complications, including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, appear in the last trimester. Complications are possible at any time during your pregnancy, but they are more likely to occur in the last trimester.

It will be easier for you to detect any problems with your health if you stay an hour or two from your home during those final weeks and avoid traveling. If you were traveling and went into early labor while traveling, you might have to deliver your baby with an unfamiliar doctor in a strange city.

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